The selection of suitable personnel is the key to success for any business. Therefore, this process is of highest importance for the corporate management. Due to the sheer volume of applicants it has become increasingly difficult to identify the candidates with potential and suitable profile. Mere analysis of documents and certificates as well as short conversations with applicants are therefore not expedient. It is much more important to isolate qualities such as team spirit, empathy enthusiasm and motivation. This is where we identify the right employees.

Since 2002 Cornelia Bergner advises mainly medium-sized enterprises in northern Germany and identifies across many sectors specialists and management personnel for her clients. Search and selection of suitable applicants is facilitated via ads, direct approach and/or online-based tools.


Based on our long-term experiences in the HR sector, we know exactly what is needed to identify the right personnel. Most important for our work is a very open communication with our customers and the candidates, as well as clarity in agreements and arrangements. This also means, that we always work under a fixed fee structure.


For many years we have been working together with a great team of experienced researchers who support us mainly during the process of executive search.
In addition to that our clients and us can rely on our office manager as point of contact.