The process of separation is always difficult, but sometimes not avoidable. We are ready to tackle this sensitive topic as part of our consulting services. We strongly believe, that a fair and well moderated separation can offer new chances and perspectives for all involved.

Three steps to success:


Analysis and defined goals
We can identify problems and underline positive traits with a Strengths-Weaknesses-Analysis. What were the reasons for the separation and how can they be eliminated? The first step to reach this goal is to initiate change and rebuild confidence.


Preparation of the application process
Self-marketing is sought after in today’s job market! We will show you strategies, how to successfully launch yourself. We also assist our clients to search for new opportunities and are a valuable support, when it comes to upgrade your application dossier.


Implementation of the application process
The final step is to accompany our client through the application process. The goal is to receive many interesting offers. Our individual advise and empathetic approach are the key to success.